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July 2010

'As we come to the end of a wonderful term in each group - 'Cock-A-Doodle Moo' and 'Away We Go', I wish all my families a very happy summer, and I look forward to seeing most of you again in September. Lots of luck to any mums going back to work and to the older children starting pre-schools.

View Gallery: Floating scarves over babies in Kindermusik Village

Kindermusik's *NEW* iPhone apps! These beautifully illustrated read-along books are available now! Perfect for families on the go - or for a quiet afternoon of reading with your child. One unique feature is that you can record your own voice reading the story! Just go to your iPhone app store and search for Kindermusik!

Kindermusik on iPhone!

February 2010

We bounce into spring with 2 lovely new music terms. Village has 'Dewdrops', a delightful garden based musical term revolving around flowers! We have some lovely English, Scottish and Irish music for you this term 'Lavenders Blue', 'Ride-a-cock horse' 'That's an Irish Lullaby' to name but a few!

And for the older toddlers in Our Time, get ready for moving in our exciting term 'Away We Go'! We have lots of fabulous musical activities about childrens favourites - cars, trains, planes, wagons, anything that GOES!!!

So join us in the fun! Call for a free trial class today!!

September 2009

Our new Village class has started in Flint at Bod Hyfryd Care Home. This is what we call 'Village With Seniors'. We do a normal class, with the residents as the audience! Both parties really enjoy it, the babies get to interact with older people, and the residents adore watching the babies, and can participate themselves! They have instruments and scarves to shake and wave, and often join in with our warm up! Why not come along and try it!

August 2009

The Autumn term has got off to a great start! The new venue for Village and Our Time classes in Chester is the Chester Victoria Children's Centre on Cheyney Road, and is a lovely friendly welcoming place, with excellent facilities for children, so we are very happy there!

August 2008 - Evening Leader

“Brookside star Stephanie Chambers speaks to feature writer Laura Jones about rediscovering her passion for dance, exploring the world of child development and becoming a mother for the first time in her life.

“Dressed in comfy multi-coloured baby grows, ten babies and their parents wave hello to their instructor and begin their Kindermusik class”...more